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About Me Personally

I have many hobbies that have made me a well-rounded person in general.  I love 

to be outside doing anything that I can.  I love to design and build new structures.  

I’ve been building for friends and family for over a decade.  I am an Eagle Scout 

and value Emergency Preparedness in my every day life.  I have a very strong 

passion for Hardware configuration, Human/Data interface, Health care, Public 

Health, Occupational Safety and Occupational Health.   

About Me Professionally

I have been working in IT and Internet consulting since I was in middle school.  I 

learned from family and my passion has led me to excel in many ways with it.  

Once I went to college I switched careers and went in to the biological sciences.  I 

started my BS in Biology with an emphasis in Life Sciences at The University of 

Findlay and have never looked back.  With these experiences I have merged my 

love of the sciences with my experience in the IT/Internet consulting arenas to 

make a business that does pretty decent at keeping us busy!  I love patient 

contact and dearly miss it.  This has led to my return to a clinical setting in recent 

years.  I will continue to concurrently run out IT Consulting company while 

working in a clinical setting as well.